We are the leaders in EVSE Safety
We are the leaders in EVSE Safety 

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With the growing demand from current and future EV owners, many of our clients are searching for EV Charging Solutions. Charging Stations can be installed anywhere, so whether you need  a charging solution  at the office or at home our experts are ready to address your charging needs today.   Learn More...




Consumers have discovered damaged charging stations that have been vandalized, inoperable and unsafe. Most states have yet to implement a bi-annual / annual safety inspection program. Greenstar has created an indepth detailed safety inspection program. Learn More




We have extensive knowledge and experience in codes and standards, code enforcement, fire safety, life safety, and safety inspection. We provide inspection services for all makes, levels, and types of electric vehicle charging stations. Learn More



 Greenstar Concepts, LLC is a certified electric vehicle support equipment contractor specializing in

Sales, Service and Safety. We are prepared to provide you with comprehensive and professional services to increase your readiness and support the improvement of public electric vehicle charging stations. We offer unique services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.


To support the Electric Vehicle Program and drivers of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, the Federal Government wants charging stations installed in our communities and along the major arteries that connect our cities.

These devices are currently being installed in parking lots, parking garages, along busy city streets, and national highways. According to Pike Research up to 1.7 million charging stations will be installed in the United States by year 2017, with potential growth to exceed 11.4 million worldwide by the end of the decade.


Public charging stations are powered by voltages ranging from 208 vac to 480 vac, at 30 to 60 amps. Because of the high voltage used to power these devices and the potential for accidents & incidents involving them, the deployment of charging stations in public places presents a potential risk to everyone who may come in contact with these devices because of improper installation, poor planning and minimal knowledge and this is why we have made a commitment to provide the only available EVSE full service program.


Please contact us to learn more on to support the industry by providing a safe infrastructure.



Charging Kentucky Coalition 

"Charging one vehicle at a time"

We have put together a dedicated group of supporters of Electric vehicle, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and its infrastructure. The growing number of electric vehicles in Kentucky requires a safe and reliable infrastructure to support the owners of these vehicles. Many in Louisville would like to do their part by supporting a green initiative and we will provide the resources for supporters and consumers who may consider the purchase of an EV. Supporting a program such as this can be difficult because of the lack of information and the lack of knowledge on the general operation  of these vehicles and its charging station.  EV Charge KY, strides to increase awareness by educating the general public on electric vehicles and its infrastructure by providing workshops, meet & greets and attending local events.   Other states surrounding Kentucky have excelled in green energy transportation and now the time has come for green enthusiast Louisville to step up.

To learn more about the work being done in Louisville, please feel free to contact our team at supportky@chargingmyev.com  



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GSC.  Partners with EVSE. LLC. to install EV Charging Stations in Louisville, Kentucky

Greenstar Concepts LLC. has joined sources with EVSE. LLC to bring a safe and well thought out EV Infrastructure to Louisville, Kentucky. 

EVSE LLC is driven to produce the world's safest and smartest electric car charging stations and charging support equipment.

Our patented-pending automatic cable management system provides ADA-compliant charger access, with a revolutionary design unmatched by other EV charger manufacturers. With a full line of electric car charging stations, networking options and support equipment, EVSE creates residential and public charging solutions that adapt to your operations.

EVSE is a division of Control Module Inc. Founded in 1969, CMI has developed innovative products that are used worldwide for automated data collection and workforce management, fleet management, vehicle electrification and electric vehicle supply. Along with its founder, James Bianco, the Company holds more than 100 patents.

Headquartered in Enfield, Connecticut, EVSE's products are designed and manufactured in the United States, with a dedicated production and support team that has been committed to excellence for over four decades.


GreenStar carefully reviewed other EVSE companies and found EVSE.LLC. currently provides a well thought out and safe charging solution for EV owners and the general public. Overhead cable management is a must have for parking infrastructures and caters to ADA complience,  Garage Overhead Charger provides safe and affordable electric vehicle charging for commercial parking garages, multi‐dwelling units and private garages. The weather‐proof unit is installed on the ceiling, safely keeping the cable and connector away from water, salt and automobiles. The retractable cable also protects pedestrians from tripping hazards, and protects the unit from vandals.


The charger can be configured to activate by local or remote control, and when triggered, will automatically lower the charging connecter to an ADA‐compliant height. The user then extends the cable and plugs it into their vehicle. When disconnected, the charger automatically retracts to the original overhead position.

Have you seen this before? It has become a worldwide problem......Cut Cables, Vandalized Stations and Inoperable units..........Send us a photo of a damaged charging station.  (broken@chargingmyev.com)

Don’t know what happened to this SemaConnect station that was found lying on the ground at the Walgreens store at 5740 Richie Highway, Brooklyn Park, MD on June 21, 2014. One would assume that this is a result of an accident or maybe vandalism. The bollards would seem to have protected it from a vehicle with a straight bumper backing into it. There were no obvious marks on the charging station post that would suggest it being hit with a protruding trailer hitch or something (story by pluginsites.org) Photos by pluginsites.org