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When it comes to Electric Vehicle Charging Safety, we are the number one source. 


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Can failure to train, lead to litigation?

(Story from
By John K. Murphy

One thing about attorneys, there are more than enough issues to keep us busy and sometimes awake at night, but we continue to search for the most controversial and esoteric issues. For example, while conducting research for Training Officer Liabilities for FDIC, a fellow attorney referred me to a case that serves as an example of potential liability on municipalities and other governmental entities for failure to adequately train its employees. Although the case in question involves a police department, there are possible ramifications to consider that may affect the fire service as well. 

 Vandalism is Alive and Well........Another Cost to Taxpayers

Station Lying on Ground at Brooklyn Park Walgreens(Maryland)

Don’t know what happened to this SemaConnect station that was found lying on the ground at the Walgreens store at 5740 Richie Highway, Brooklyn Park, MD on June 21, 2014. One would assume that this is a result of an accident or maybe vandalism. The bollards would seem to have protected it from a vehicle with a straight bumper backing into it. There were no obvious marks on the charging station post that would suggest it being hit with a protruding trailer hitch or something similar. SemaConnect has been notified of this damaged station although this particular charging station is probably owned and operated by Car Charging Group as part of their acquisition of 350Green.
(story by Photos by



Where does EV Charging Station Safety Fit in?

Now that 2013 has rolled in, charging stations and the EV infrastructure are still being put into place in some cities and then there are cities that are established with multiple charging stations placed on city streets. In the midst of having charging stations installed with ribbon cutting ceremonies, news media, and city and county officials posing for photo opportunities; our emergency responders are being forgotten. We have contacted multiple Fire Departments across the country and each fire chief expressed their concern for the safety of their firefighters. This issue is not just with our first responders; there are State, City and County officials that are just as concerned and now are concerned for the safety of the public.                                                       

Accidents such as vehicle strike, vandalism, catastrophic accidents, flooding or other weather related issues puts the general public at serious risk of injury or electrocution. Some stations carry as much as 430 volts/60 amps and do not take much for an accident to occur. Charging Stations without bollards or other safety devices such as curbs can increase the chance of being struck by a vehicle or object. Charging stations that have been struck or vandalized can put a passer-by at serious risk of electrocution. (Read More Click here)



Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Where do we stand? and whos keeping count?

Electric vehicle sales have been fluctuating and the charging station infrastructure has grown tremendously compared to 2010. If one was to look at the stats, there might be one or two manufacturers who have established themselves as the leaders in EV charging. Because of the number of charging stations being sold in big name home repair stores and stations sold through manufacturers, its becomes a challenge to get an accurate count on where we stand.

The Federal Government collects information from a self -reporting system that is completely flawed because of the inaccurate information that is being reported. Once a station has been installed, the owner calls a toll-free number to report the information. If someone wanted to really throw the count off, all they would have to do is report fictitious installations. Some people feel a certain way about passing information on to the government. There are reports of private property owners who have charging stations installed on their property by an electrician friend. (Read full story here)


Electric Vehicle
Charging Safety
Greenstar Concepts LLC. 
EVSE Certified Safety
July / 1 / 2014
Greenstar Concepts LLC. partners with top e-learning company.

Safety teams, first response, risk management teams and city and county workers across the country now have access to a complete and reliable source on electric vehicle charging safety. These high voltage devices are on the rise in cities across the country and safety is a top priority for Greenstar Concepts LLC. - a Louisville based safety company. 



In order to deliver training to the masses, Greenstar enlisted help from the best the e-learning industry has to offer; "Training JumpStart" are innovators with extensive credentials in software as a service technology.  Veterans in training program excellence, they have a proven track record and success in hosting high quality e-Learning programs. 

"TJS was an easy decision, because of their extensive e-learning history and user friendly and easy to navigate training portal. The delivery methodology they use proves to separate the mundane from exceptional," said Robert Wright, executive partner of Greenstar Concepts LLC.


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Greenstar Partners with top e-Learning
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Vandalized EV Charging Stations remain broke after 10 months......
Autoblog Green - Danny King

Apparently, there's no place in Baltimore's city-management handbook (or probably any other city's, for that matter) that describes what to do when somebody goes medieval on an electric-vehicle charging station. That's perhaps why, even though the charging ports on two publicly accessible stations in the city's Water Street parking garage were smashed last September......
(Most cities believe this will not happen to them, take preventive measures now before its to late. Call out team of experts today)
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